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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Festival

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Festival

April 15, 2023

General Admission:
Advance: $30 standard; $20 student/musician
Day of: $35 standard; $25 student/musician

Doors: 5:00 PM

Lineup: The Envy Corps, B.WELL, Annalibera, Geneviève Salamone, James Tutson, EleanorGrace, and Lani.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is an annual all-Iowa music festival featuring musical artists from Greater Des Moines and across Iowa which started in 2006. Coordinated by the Des Moines Music Coalition and a team of volunteers, the goal of GDP is to organize an event that best supports Iowa musicians and their needs for growth in the music industry.

GDP’s main objectives are (1) to boost exposure and build the audience for smaller, up-and-coming Iowa acts, (2) to bring more acts from outside Des Moines to expose local artists to new ideas, and (3) to continue supporting the genre diversity represented in past GDP festivals. GDP’s overarching goal to support young and new artists who are taking their first steps into creative self-expression through music and doing so in a positive, collaborative way.

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