Board of Directors

MISSION: Hoyt Sherman Place creates outstanding experiences for the cultural, historic and educational benefit of Iowa’s residents and communities.

VISION: Hoyt Sherman Place will be a premier historic cultural center in Iowa, working with national and local partners to present outstanding performances, celebrate Iowa’s history and grow arts and culture in the region.

President: Jeff Vorwerk
Vice President: John Krantz
Treasurer: Joyce Larson
Secretary: Kristie Bell
Past President: Bev Hutney

Mike Barratt
John Bloom
Mary Chapman
Azure Christensen
Chris Conyers
Janice Cord
Lea Rosson DeLong
Chris Foss
Rusty Goode
Eric Grubb
Ross Johnson
Kelsey Motley
Deb Moyer
John Schreurs
Mary Sheldahl
Dave Tank
Liz Teufel
Brody Wells
Sherry Wilkinson
Deidre Williams

Fred Weitz - Honorary Director