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Membership Directory

List of Annual Members, as of September 1, 2023.

  • Bravo Greater Des Moines
  • Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Meredith Corporation Foundation
  • Polk County
  • Prairie Meadows
  • Principal Charity Classic’s Birdies For Charity
  • Principal Foundation
  • Project7 Design
  • Sammons Financial Group
  • Lori Acri
    Sheri Avis Horner
    Leslie Babich and Stacy Wanderscheid
    Mike Barratt
    David and Kristy Barzen
    Harry Bookey and Pamela Bass Bookey
    Brennan and Sarah Buckley
    Michael and Kim Darr
    John and Michele Dawley
    Bob and Jody Dorweiler
    Jon and Anna Eichhorn
    Dave and Nora Everett
    Jann Freed and John Fisher
    Michael and Cheryl Giudicessi
    Rusty Goode and Lisa Mengwasser
    Eric and Lacey Grubb
    Brent and Renee Highfill
    Michael and Beverly Hutney
    Ross and Dory Johnson
    Corey Kautz
    John and Penny Krantz
    Kyle and Sharon Krause
    Robert and Mary Miller
    George Mori
    D.J. Newlin
    Steven and Jane Noah
    Mary Sheldahl
    Patrick and Jamie Steele
    Jill and Dan Stevenson
    Jeff and Susan Stroud
    David and Randi Tank
    Chris and Denise Vernon
    Jeff and Laura Vorwerk
    Brian Walsh and Melynda DeCarlo
    Brody and Jessica Wells
  • Kelly and Gerrit Ahr
    Kristie Bell
    Kim and Kevin Broders
    Ned Burmeister
    Joyce and Rick Chapman
    Corky Classen
    Kevin Coons
    Craig and Sue Damos
    Kim Fields and Nancy Grandquist Fields
    Gary and Jennifer Fischer
    Tom and Rachel Formaro
    John and Kathy Fuller
    Russ and Renee Gibson
    John Goerdt
    Brent Goheen
    Michael and Brenda Greaves
    Ms. Tammi Guldenpfennig
    Will and Dixie Hoekman
    Trudy Holman Hurd
    Fred and Rose James
    Bob and Patty Jester
    Bradley and Karen Kuster
    Joyce Larson
    John and Angela Leusink
    Terry and Shery Lint
    Traci and Kirk McBee
    John and Terri McIlhon
    Dan and Becky McKay
    Cara McKeag
    Brenda Meisenheimer
    Charles Miller
    Andy and Kerri Minor
    Deb Moyer
    Peter Olberding
    Craig and Lisa Olson
    Brian Pattinson and Janet Peterson
    Anastasia Polydoran
    Thomas E. Press and Donna L. Paulsen
    Judy Ralston-Hansen
    Terry and Cat Rickers
    Ron and Clarice Rubek
    Ross and Gloria Sales
    Neil and Debra Salowitz
    Matthew Schaefer
    Todd Schomburg and Jomarie Tucci
    John and Julie Schreurs
    Nadine Sechovec and Greg Siembieda
    Bruce and Barb Sherman
    Kevin Tiffany
    Cary and Suzanne Tomlinson
    Alicia and Craig Ver Huel
    Val Vilks
    David VonArb
    Robert Warren
    Renee Way
    Rich and Jill Wells
    Teri Wood TeBockhorst and Andy TeBockhorst
    Douglas and Emilie Zehr
  • Michael and Jeanette Abrams
    Nola Aigner-Davis
    Marc and Marjie Albertsen
    Lou Amodeo
    Matthew and Deb Anderson
    Jeff Anderson
    Scott and Stephanie Andrews
    Anonymous (3)
    Maggie and Jeff Augustine
    Rick Bach
    William and Erin Bailey
    Hubert Balaski
    Kirk and Cathy Besh
    Callie Bierman
    John and Elizabeth Bloom
    Paul and Teri Bognanno
    Charles Broeker
    Jeremiah and Janci Bronson
    Hilary Brown
    Peter Brown and Lisa Holderness Brown
    Chris and Zorica Burch
    David and Sue Carter
    Emily Chafa
    Mary L. Chapman
    Azure and Zach Christensen
    Dr. Craig Clark
    Matthew and Pamela Clemens
    Franklin and Tracy Codel
    Chris Conyers and Tom Baldwin
    Jim and Janice Cord
    Anna Cramer
    Paul Crawford
    Daniel Cretors
    Dennis and Sharon Creveling
    Jane and William Crise
    Cathy Crowley
    Brad and Peggy Davis
    Derek and Amy Dehaai
    Gary and Kathy Erlandson
    Jake Feuerhelm
    Maureen and Jerome Fialkov
    Bridgett Finnegan
    Tim Flowers
    Michael and Christine Foss
    Sue and Ric Frambach
    Pam and Duncan Gallagher
    Mike and Merry Gerzema
    Michael Greenwood
    Mr. Dean Grewell
    Steve and Diane Halbrook
    Kay and Russ Hale
    Rod and Wendy Hanson
    Leland and Kathleen Hecker
    Douglas Hemphill
    Wayne and Becky Hoener
    Sarah Horner
    Matt Hosier
    Alan Hutchison
    Mary Ellen Imlau
    Jacob Jaacks
    Bret Thies and Beth Jensen
    Frank and Denise Jirsa
    Jamie Johnson
    Kurt and Jan Johnson
    Mic Jurgens
    Carol and Ric Jurgens
    Steven Keay
    Craig and Nancy Kelinson
    John and Lisa Kenworthy
    Char Kimball
    Doug and Jenn Kintzle
    Ron and Kathy Klipfel
    Joe Kristan and Eide Bailly
    Jordan Krueger
    Patrick and Susan Lang
    Monica Langin
    Steve and Kristi Little
    David Lubbers
    Stephen and Sharon Marlow
    Barbara McClintock
    Timothy McCollum
    Tim and Katherine McCoy
    Dr. Mark Menadue
    Toni Merfeld
    Dusty Millard
    Linda Miller
    Bret and Robyn Mills
    LaVonne Neerland
    Gerard and Mary Louise Neugent
    Steven and Angela Nichol
    Joshua and Elizabeth Nielsen
    Barb and Andy Nish
    Steve and Jan Oldfield
    Richard Olson
    Jenn O’Tool
    Reed and Holly Palo
    John and Shari Paule
    Zachariah and Amrita Pederson
    Warren and Jill Peterson
    Doug and Kim Peterson
    Mel and Molly Pins
    Scott Politte
    nicci port
    Richard Puhl
    Joshua Richman
    Bill Riley, Jr
    Rebecca Roach and Gerry Walter
    Bruce and Wendy Roberts
    Jeffrey and Lisa Rock
    Harris DeLong and Lea Rosson Delong
    Lola Rundle
    Mickey Ryan
    Val and Doug Saltsgaver
    Maureen Sammon
    Brian and Sherry Samson
    Timothy and Heidi Schurman
    Liz Seiser
    Rick Seward
    Dr. Bob and Jean Shires
    Daniel Sinnott
    Jolynn Sitzmann
    David and Heidi Slinker
    Donna Smith
    Corrin Smith
    Russ and Jody Stagner
    Gail Steffen
    Stephen and Martha Stephenson
    Gary and Nanette Stubbs
    Chris Swailes
    Stuart and Kelly Taylor
    Larry Taylor
    Liz Teufel and Evan Thomas
    Greg and Bobbette Theroux
    Linda Thomas
    Rick and Tina Thompson
    Javier Tuel
    Beecher and Diana Turner
    Carol Turpen
    Janis Van Ahn
    Rachel Vangilder
    Lisa Veach
    Shannon and Lori Waddell
    Douglas and Vicki Wegner
    Mike and Kim Whalen
    William and Phyllis Wheeler
    Sean and Melissa Wiechman
    Sherry Wilkinson
    Dee Willemsen
    Deidre Williams and Sir Michael Carrington Williams-Thomas
    Dee Ann and Larry Wilson
    Chuck and Deb Winkleback
    Carla Wood
    Wright Outdoor Solutions
    Jon and Barb Yankey
  • Ralph and Deenee Amodeo
    Brian Anderson
    Jana Anderson
    Angela Avery
    Diane Baker
    Joel and Kim Baker
    Tom Baldwin
    Matthew Basart
    David Blank
    Jane Bowlin
    Dennis Bracewell
    Lynn and Laura Brones
    David Brooks
    Scott and Kristin Carlson
    Bryan Carpenter
    Alan and Lynette Carver
    Jason Casini
    Michael Castellano
    Ken Chebuhar
    Joe Clark
    Renee and Dave Clippert
    Marc and Julie Collis
    Bob and Carol Connolly
    Jane and Jude Conway
    Mark and Patti Cooper
    Carol Corrigan
    Randy and Cathy Cory
    Lisa and Rich Coulson
    Kathy Crall
    Patrick Cramer
    Mark Dagitz
    Dorothy Davenport
    Bryan Davis
    David Dawson
    Collin Dettmann
    Laurie and Glen Dickinson
    Jordon and Becky Dierks
    Karen Doland
    Douglas Dorner and Carole Villeneuve
    Randy and Diana Drummer
    Julie Eipperle
    Rick and Nancy Elliott
    Michelle Engler
    Craig and Carol Faber
    Ms. Valerie Findley
    Timothy Fixmer
    Ms. Jane Flagler
    Nancy Frahm
    Frederick Frank
    Dorothy Frease
    Doug Frels
    Gwen Friedow
    Al and Karen Frischmeyer
    Sam Gelb
    John Gilbert
    Jim Gilliam and Amy Mills
    Ms. Diane Glass
    Jeff Glass
    Rick and Shelley Glienke
    Glenn and Shirley Gooch
    Peter Graziano
    Kevin and Rhonda Gripp
    Paul and Jean Groben
    Luke and Heather Groben
    Linda Groenendyk
    Merri and Weston Grow
    Nancy Gudbaur
    Tim and Kendra Gustafson
    Scott Hale
    Tony Hale
    Denny Harding
    Ross Hartline
    Joy Heckman and Ron Slagle
    L. Maria Heidebrecht and Charlie Sovich
    Ben Heinen
    Sandy Henry
    Irene and Jack Hickl
    Marni Hockenberg
    Scott Honsey
    Mary Hulst
    Bruce Hunter
    Craig Ibsen
    Jeff and Marla Inks
    Cara Irving
    Beth Jaeger and Larry Cleverley
    Brent and Dawn Jaeger
    Jeff and Lorel Jeffries
    Carol Jepson
    Chris and Amy Johnson
    James Jolly
    Rod Jones
    Ramona Jones
    Steven Jordening and Kathy Wiederin
    Craig and Melissa Kauffman
    Richard Keith
    Ray and Beth Keith
    David Kenworthy
    Jim and Mary Ellen Kimball
    Bryon Kirby
    Dennis and Carolyn Kleen
    David and Shannon Knight
    Donald Kramer
    Robert Kruse
    Danny and Louisa Kruzic
    Jeff Lamson
    Dr. Robert and Liz Lee
    Ginny Livingstone
    Mark Louis
    David and Sheri Luett
    Marcy Maher
    Robbie Marinaro
    Randy Martin
    Dawn Martino
    Lynnae Marty Hentzen
    Todd and Sue Mattison
    Samuel Maurice
    Maura McCarthy
    Ana McCracken
    William McElrath
    Bret McFarlin
    Tammy McGee
    Wayne McIntosh
    Daniel McNerney
    Steve McPherson
    Debra Moore and Donn Stanley
    Janet Mootz
    Scott Moreland
    Ken Morse
    Erik and Shelli Munn
    Steven Murphy
    Ann Nesbit
    Nancy Nichols
    Pat and Jewel Nicholson
    Mike and Kristine Niedert
    Steven Nyquist
    Douglas and Julie Olson
    Dennis Orfield
    Rhonda Ortale
    Jim and Linda Parker
    Carl and Judy Patterson
    Ron and Jean Peterson
    Doug Phillips
    Jennifer Pietila
    Andy Piro
    Dan Pomeroy
    Kent and Sandy Powgnas
    Jim Spooner and Judy Quick
    Steve Karlin and Lynn Rankin
    Chad Rasmussen
    Robert Reed
    Vicki Reeves
    Ronald and Kathleen Ricker
    John and Kathy Ritzler
    Greg and Sheila Robinson
    Bill and Pam Rodewald
    Val Ruther
    Julie Ryan
    Paul Sandholm
    Mary Scalise
    Mark Schaul
    Greg and Gail Schultz
    Michael Seusy
    Travis Sheets
    Jon Sieck
    Mark and Alyson Skahill
    Dan and Patty Skokan
    Blair and Mary Smith
    Tracy Smith
    Ehren and Michelle Stover Wright
    Spencer Sutton
    Karen Swalwell
    Doug Swanson
    Marc Swanson
    Bridget and Ron Swanstrom
    Ryan Teel
    Jeffery and Joan Thacker
    Kent and Dixie Thomas
    William and Sarah Thorn
    Jack and Julie Tiernan
    Maria Torres and Adam Lathrop
    Lorna and Fred Truck
    Dan and Nan Valentine
    Brian VandeVenter
    Robert and Molly Veenstra
    Terrance Vorbrich
    Mike Wahl
    Brian Weatherwax
    Rose Marie Webb
    David Weieneth
    David and Joanne Whittaker
    Susan Marcus Wilbois
    Kyra Wilcox-Conley
    Darla Willett-Rohrssen and Rex Rohrssen
    Murray and Amy Williams
    Linda Witte
    Sarah and James Woerdeman
    Randy and Gail Yarrow
    Mark and Linda Yaske
  • Paul and Kelly Aasmundstad
    Dennis Adamson
    Sarah Albracht
    Brent and Kelly Alexander
    Benjamin Allen and Dr. Peggy Fitch
    Tim Allen
    James Allen
    Christopher Alman
    Jerry and Deb Amenson
    Rex and Nancy Andersen
    Marti Anderson
    Marlene Anderson and Rob Beattie
    David and Patti Anderson
    Monica Aunan
    Justin Axelrod
    Julie and Tino Backsen
    Lee Ann Bakros
    Denny and Pam Barton
    Kathy Bassman
    Elizabeth Bauman
    Rob and Nicole Beaman
    Lesley Beerends
    Deb Bentzinger
    Dennis Block
    Linda Bloomer
    Nellie Bobenhouse
    Jeanette Bodermann
    Dixie Boettcher
    Todd and Eileen Boggess
    Tom and Paula Borland
    Kevin Brent
    Michelle Brickman
    Nancy Briggs
    Mary J. Brown
    Les Bruner
    Juls Bruns
    Cheri Butchart
    Craig Calhoun
    Bob and Shirley Calmer
    Steven Cappaert
    Laura Coco
    Terry Cole
    Jack Connolly
    John and Jane Cook
    James Cook
    Sharon Cooper
    Chris Correy
    Mike and Margie Costello
    Cynthia Cox
    Jill Creveling
    Jason Danielson
    Jill Danner
    Michael Dannewitz
    Chris and Sandy Darling
    Jeff David
    Mike and Ronda Davis
    Darrell and Vicki Davis
    Floyd Davis
    Jeffery Davis
    Mark Davis
    Jon Davis
    Rosalia Dawley
    Susan Dean
    Bryan and Karen DeJong
    Kari Delaney
    Robin Delury
    Donald and Mindia Dennis
    Chris Diebel
    William and Mary Ann
    Chris Dolan
    Mike Donahue
    Kelly Donnelly
    Chris and Michelle Doran
    David Drake
    Debra Drake
    Shelley Dugan
    Mary Duvall
    Stephen and Rosemary
    Julie Ehrhardt
    Beth Eikstadt
    Marc Elcock
    Kerry Burrows
    Robert Engman
    Stan Ethington
    Steven Evans
    Daniel and Cherilyn Eveleth
    John Evers
    Timothy Facto
    Stephen Fatino
    Brian and Lori Fegley
    Mr. Rick Feldman
    Alan and Ann Fender
    Susan Fergesen
    Lee Fergeson
    Fred Fernatt
    Kim Ferrari
    Evelyn Fisher
    Linda Flaherty
    Lisa Fleming
    Ann Flood
    Debbie Floyd
    Suzanne Fontanini
    John and Peggy Fowler
    Bruce Franke
    Michael and Debra Fritz
    Eric and Pam Gardner
    Carol George
    Teresa Gibbons
    Priscilla Gilbert
    Robyn Gorman
    Heather Gornick
    Nancy Gragg
    Paul Greene
    Al and Mary Gross
    Laura Guisinger
    Ronald Gustafson
    Jack and Lisa Hackett
    Ms. Kristi Hahn
    Kevin and Janet Halfpop
    Ms. Marilyn Hall
    Naomi Hamlett
    Scott Hanson
    Nola Harper
    Maureen Harris
    Bruce Harris
    Jeffrey Harrison
    Diane Hartschen Law
    Stephany Harvey
    Mark and Beth Havlicek
    Sarah and James Hayes
    Cindy Helgason
    Kelly Hemry and Amber Langerud
    Beth Hendred
    Beth Henning
    Ms. Pat Henson
    Jeff and Cindy Heuton
    Ruth Hindal
    Tony Hodgson
    Jon Holtman
    Brent and Kris Hoover
    Chand Hornbuckle
    Ron and Gaye Hougham
    Jody and Julie Ingersoll
    Debbie Jayne
    James Jeffries and Sandy Cook
    Michael Jenkins
    Russell and Terri Jensen
    Brett and Renae Johnson
    Nedrick Johnson
    Kent and Sara Johnson
    Marilyn Jones
    Louie Jordan
    Dan Josephsen
    Tom Kammerer
    Matt Keller
    Jolene Kelly
    Sue Kelso
    Margaret Kenyon
    Peggy Kerr
    Amy Kimball
    Paula Kingery
    Alan Kinsey
    Grover and Linda Kirkman
    Jerry and Becky Kirkpatrick
    Marcia Klindt
    Pat and Mary Knueven
    Bonnie Kohl
    Jason Kohles
    Karen and Dan Kollmorgen
    Craig Koopal
    Laura Kozin
    Kellie Kramer
    Patti McKee and Jon Krieg
    Steven and Patricia Kunz
    Steven Langerud
    Chris Larkin
    Nancy Lavender-Bobenhouse
    Garry and Diane Law
    Gregg and Cathy Leaders
    Jennifer Lee
    Carol Leech
    Tom and Patty Leon
    Ken and Lori Liljedahl
    Steve Linduska
    Bill Link
    Larry and RoxAnne Lint
    Gary and Sheri Lortz
    Debra Lowe-Pasquariello
    Rose Lyle
    Jason and Amy Madden
    Mike and Mary Mahoney
    Julie Mandel
    Marcia and Terry Martin
    Christian Martin
    Janet Mashek
    Timothy and Roxanne Mason
    David Mattox
    Kent and Sheila Mauck
    Thomas McBride
    Teresa McCall
    Jean McCartan
    Kevin McCartney
    Angie McCombs
    Tina McCullough
    Dennis and Julie McElroy
    Bill and Pat McGill
    Kathy and Dennis McGuire
    Kathryn and Patrick McIntyre
    Robert and Pam McKenna
    Pat and Nancy McManus
    Jeff McNeal
    David McNerney
    Paul and Kathleen Melde
    Matt and Lisa Meendering
    Kaukab Merchant
    Randall Meyer
    Rhonda Mickael
    Kristina Miles
    Tony and Tammy Miller
    Gregory Miller
    Craig and Betty Miller
    Mark Miller
    Jonann Molloy-Earp
    Barb Moore
    Jan Morris
    Stephen Mosqueda
    Kevin Mulvey
    Kathleen Murrin
    Teri Neal
    Ellen K. Nelson
    David and Sharon Newman
    Donna Nims
    Belinda Nordman
    Bernadine Norris
    Sarah Nostwich
    Thomas Nucaro
    Gary O’Connor
    Gerri Ohde
    David and Bonnie Orth
    Greg and Terri Osby
    Staci Osmond
    Salena Osteraas
    Doug and Lori Ostrem
    Anthony and Ginnie Padden
    Carol Page
    Carol Palmer
    Melanie Parks and Michael Hopson
    Bill Parks
    Debbie Pauli
    Craig and Sharon Payne
    Paul and Heidi Peglow
    Daryl Petty
    Arthur Phares
    Jeremy Phillips and Deb Copeland
    Perry Phillips
    Steven Pierce
    Matthew and Rene Pillsbury
    Michael Pitcher
    John and Melissa Poley
    Sean Arndt and Carla Pope
    Mary and Evan Potratz
    David Purdy
    Kim Pursell
    Anne Quinlan
    Matt and Gina Ramaekers
    Richard Rarick
    Shirlee Reding
    Scott Renke
    Michelle Riesenberg
    Michael Roarty
    Kade Rogers
    Mike and Linda Rosenboom
    Steven Rowden
    Jolene Rude
    Gene Russell
    Mary Russell
    Kolleen Samek
    Bryan and Kathy Sandford
    Thomas Sands
    Jennifer Sayers
    William Schoenenberger
    Jeff and Susan Schoon
    Diane Schreck
    Jonathan Schultes
    Joel and Marna Schutte
    Rob Schwartz
    Tracy Scott
    Erin Sedars
    Vicki Seibert
    Mary Sellers
    Anne Sexton
    Maureen Sexton
    William and Faith Sherman
    Roxanne Shindler
    Jim and Karen Sievers
    Jeff Simbric
    Jan Sime
    Nancy Simon
    Mark Slater
    Linda Smith
    Carol Smith
    Brian Smith
    Belinda Smith-Cicarella
    Christine Snelson
    Douglass Soseman
    Kevin Spire
    Tracy Stajcar
    Mike and Melanee Stanbrough
    Lila Starr
    Kim Steele
    Lucinda Stephenson
    Mary Stewart
    Robert and Karen Stewart
    Katie Stotser
    Carolyn Strain
    Pam Strait
    Julie Suby
    Susan Sutherland
    Lynn Swanson
    Tom Swegle
    Mark Tarr
    Charles and Vicki Teas
    Matt Terronez
    Jeff Teske
    Robert Thelen and Bruce Carr
    Scott Thomsen
    Nancy Timmons
    Randy Tinker
    Brad Tison
    Vicki Tow
    Dan Towers
    Mark and Patty Tripp
    John and Amanda Tyler
    Spencer and Kate Van Haaften
    Vikki Vencil
    Lisa Vetterlein
    Philip and Sharon Walsh
    Wynn Walters
    Marc and Liz Ward
    John Washburn
    Amy Watters
    Tom and Jovanka Westbrook
    Deborah and Tom Wheeler
    Doug Wiedmeier
    Beth Wilcox
    Peggy Wild
    Laura Wilkens
    Eva Williams
    Barb Williams
    Drinda Williams
    Heidi Willis
    Susan Wright
    Elise Zaborac