Capital Campaign

Preserving A Legacy

Just when we finished our expansion, we decided the time was right to embark on another construction project: Restoration of the mansion’s second floor including Hoyt and Sara Sherman’s bedroom.

Why Now? This project presents the opportunity for efficient use of forced downtime due to the global pandemic.

Our goal is to have the fundraising for this project complete before December 31, 2020. We have already raised 70% of the funds needed, so your generous gift will help us finish this year strong in spite of all of the challenges.

Help us take the next step in preserving Hoyt Sherman’s legacy. GIVE TODAY.


Restoring Historical Significance: Mansion Restoration

Moving the administrative offices and meeting spaces to the new Center for Artists and Education allows us to reestablish historical significance to the mansion including Hoyt and Sara Sherman’s bedroom, and a bedroom dedicated to the memory of their daughter, Helen Sherman. The space will showcase recently acquired photos of the Sherman Family and some of their personal documents, including an original invitation to Helen’s wedding.

The restoration includes museum-quality attributes approved by the State Historic Preservation Office in accordance with the standards set by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior.

The former second floor annex, which previously housed the Executive Director’s office, will be transformed into a Research and Archive Library. A handicapped accessible lift will also be installed, which opens the second floor of the mansion to public tours without limitations for the first time in the history of the museum.

Mansion Second Floor Rendering

Hoyt Sherman Place: The Next 100 Years – SUCCESS!

For more than 100 years, Hoyt Sherman Place has served as a cornerstone for art, culture and entertainment in Des Moines. Since its time as a home for Major Hoyt Sherman and his family, the property has undergone a series of transformations: the lawn became the first city park, the first public art gallery was added and an acoustically perfect theater was constructed.

"Hoyt Sherman Place: The Next 100 Years” created spaces that perfectly balance the history and style of the galleries, mansion and theater with today’s modern demands. Thanks to generous contributions from corporate, foundation and individual donors, we successfully raised $4.9 million and completed our capital improvement project in just nine months!

The project included:

  • Box office lobby annex
  • Sufficient number of restrooms to accommodate sold-out crowds
  • VIP donor lounge
  • Concessions storage
  • Covered loading dock
  • Dressing rooms with showers
  • Wardrobe and costume shop
  • Event spaces
  • Administrative offices

A Grand Opening celebration for the Center for Artists and Education will be held as soon as it is safe to gather again.