Capital Campaign

Hoyt Sherman Place: The Next 100 Years

The Hoyt Sherman Place Foundation announced a capital campaign to fund facility upgrades and increase accessibility for patrons and performers. “Hoyt Sherman Place: The Next 100 Years” aims to raise $3.5 million to create spaces that perfectly balance the history and style of the galleries, mansion and theater with today’s modern demands.

For more than 100 years, Hoyt Sherman Place has served as a cornerstone for art, culture and entertainment in Des Moines. Since its time as a home for Major Hoyt Sherman and his family, the property has undergone a series of transformations, including being designated as the city’s first park, building the first public art gallery and adding a beautiful, acoustically perfect theater. Now, Hoyt Sherman Place is ready to transform again with a new three-story addition.

“Last year, Hoyt Sherman Place welcomed more than 100,000 guests,” said Robert Warren, Executive Director of the Hoyt Sherman Place Foundation. “The expansion and updates this capital campaign will provide us the ability to meet greater audience demand while maintaining the historic heart of Hoyt Sherman Place.”

Preparing For The Next 100 Years

To make the mansion and art galleries more accessible, this project will:
Move administrative offices to the expansion, allowing for the restoration of specific mansion rooms, including Hoyt and Sara’s bedroom, to their original splendor
Build 10 new women’s restroom stalls and six new men’s restroom stalls
Allow the art galleries to remain open during more events by creating new spaces for entertainers’ use
Create a donor lounge with a private bar area to aid with traffic flowand alleviate long lines

To modernize the backstage area of the historic theater, this addition will:
Create classrooms and rehearsal spaces for entertainers and local partners
Produce new rooms available for community activity and rental
Build warm, inviting and accessible dressing rooms with showers and laundry facilities
Reconstruct and add additional loading docks to help attract and retain larger acts

Take a look at our new floor plans:
First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Restroom Annex

Be Part Of Our Future

Hoyt Sherman Place envisions a space that perfectly balances the history and style of the galleries, mansion and theater with today’s modern demands. While memberships provide a significant portion of Hoyt Sherman Place’s annual operating budget, your Capital Campaign gift will allow us to prepare to serve you for The Next 100 Years. Hoyt Sherman Place is a cornerstone of the Sherman Hill neighborhood and Des Moines history. Please take this opportunity to be a part of our future.