CANCELED: Des Moines Storytellers Project: Booted

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2020 Des Moines Storytellers Project
Booted: Stories of changing course or finding out you’re no longer wanted

Season tickets onsale: Tuesday, Oct 1 at 10AM (available through Feb 25)
VIP Season Package: $150
Standard Admission Season Package: $63

Individual tickets onsale: Tuesday, Dec 10 at 10AM
VIP Individual event: $28
Standard Admission Individual event: $12

The Storytellers Project is a series of live storytelling nights where Des Moines Register journalists curate and host nights of true, first-person stories from neighbors and notables. The Register’s award-winning journalists help community members to draw out authentic, personal experiences and hone them into engaging dialogue. The nights send a message that everyone has a story worth telling, and that everyone CAN tell it.

Since its founding in 2016, more than 150 community members have taken the stage to share their stories with more than 6,000 audience members.

2020 Season Line-up:
February 25: What Happens Next: Filling in the blanks after a story ends
April 21 -- RESCHEDULED to Sept 15: Forgiveness or Revenge: Deciding which path to take on the messy road of life
June 23 -- CANCELED: Booted: Stories of changing course or finding out you’re no longer wanted
August 25 -- CANCELED: Bad Advice: Accepting, ignoring, or just plain regretting another person’s help
October 27: Nerds Rule: Embracing the unconventional
December 15: Generosity: The kindness I didn’t see coming

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